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what happy clients are saying

Cheri has lost 23 pounds in 9 weeks using Ideal Protein.
"I wish I'd known about this program 10 years ago. The results are very gratifying and motivating. I especially like the fact that simply fat is targeted and you're not losing lean muscle."

Cheri B.

Shelley felt like she "was sitting on the sidelines watching her body change but that there was nothing to do.
Weight Lost: 16 pounds
Summary: After having her last child, she thought she'd be able to easily drop the weight, but after 8 years of feeling "like her body wasn't her own," she set a goal to lose 16 pounds.

Shelley G.

"This is the first program that has really worked for me. The program is easy to follow and stick with and I've lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and a total of 16 1/2 inches. I am thrilled with my results! The support that I get from my coach is great. It helps me stay on track and keep my focus. This is a program that works."

Shannon G.


So far Nancy has lost 45 pounds in three and a half months.

"The diet was outstanding! I had tried other diets and exercise and was not loosing weight. I had what doctors were labeling as irritable bowl syndrome; my cholesterol was off the charts and I felt terrible. Within 3 weeks all symptoms were gone, my cholesterol dropped over 100 points and my energy level and stamina greatly increased. The diet is very restrictive which was good for me as cheating wasn’t an option. I didn’t want to cheat because I wasn’t hungry, I was loosing weight fast and there was no reason to delay the goal by a few more days or weeks.

I went from a size 16 pant to a size 8, and with a little exercise I believe I could be in a 6! Shopping is even more fun than ever!!"

Nancy T.